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Keep up with routine oil, filter and fluid changes

Oil, filters and fluids are some of the most commonly needed areas of attention for cars and trucks, as well as some of the easiest ways to extend the overall life and performance of your vehicle! Count on the professional team at Willie's Auto Repair Inc for fast, dependable oil, filter and fluid services.

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Engine oil protects your engine by reducing friction, lessening wear, lubricating, forming seals between pistons, rings and cylinder walls and helping to cool engine parts.


Let Willie's Auto Repair Inc keep your engine running smoothly with high-quality synthetic oils that offer excellent performance benefits, and oil filters that will help keep your oil flowing cleanly.

Maintain oil and filters regularly

Fluids and filters are an integral part of your vehicles system, whether they are helping to provide power, lubrication, cooling or anything else, your car can't get by without them.


Trust in Willie's Auto Repair Inc for all manner of fluid and oil maintenance and replacement services including:

Top off fluids and change out filters

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All work is backed by our 12-month / 12,000-mile nationwide warranty!

  • Automatic transmission fluid

  • Brake fluid

  • Coolant and antifreeze

  • Air filters

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